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Toshi Kai Adult Karate

Monday & Wednesday 6.00pm - 7.00pm

Ages 12 and up

If you are truly interested in learning a style of martial art that is practical in a street fight situation, will boost your self confidence and keep you physically and mentally fit then Toshi Kai Karate is for you. Kaos Martial Arts trains in a no-nonsense approach while embodying the core martial art values of respect, integrity and honour.

Kaos Martial Arts uses a combination of self defence, traditional karate, freestyle karate and street combat. There is a belt system within this style. Grading's and tournaments are regularly held in order to progress through belt levels at Sensei Michael's discretion.

During a typical training session kick pads, focus mitts, fitness and sparring are all incorporated. We offer full contact and semi contact options.

Head Instructor Sensei Michael Reberger