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Sensei Michael Reberger - Founder & head instructor Toshi Kai Karate & Muay Thai

Blue card no. 962440/3

2nd Degree Zen Do Kai Karate

Black Belt Anderson Bushikai

3rd Degree Toshi Kai Karate

2nd Degree BJC Muay Thai

Sensei Michael has 20 years of Martial arts training, his passion for martial arts and teaching led him to form his own club KAOS Martial Arts in 2010.

He has trained under some of Queensland's most revered martial artists and styles including Anderson Bushikai, Zen Do Kai and Savat.

All instructors at Kaos Martial Arts hold a current blue card 'working with children'.

KAOS club patch means "the behavior of systems that follow deterministic laws, but appear random and unpredictable".

Sensei Mark Ward - Adult Assistant Instructor

3rd degree Toshi Kai Karate

3rd degree Zen Do Kai

Andrew Keeble - Adult Assistant Instructor

3rd Degree Toshi Kai Karate

3rd Degree Zen Do Kai

Glenn Clothier - MMA Instructor

34yrs Martial Arts Experience

2nd Degree Anderson Bushi Kai

Red singlet - Muay Thai

MMA/Submission wrestling coach for several years